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Youtube thinks I will like these videos after watching that. At least Youtube got the face I made correct.....


@wired I finally got to take my M92 PAP you just did out to the range today (with a proper backstop) and ran some mags through it. Loved the new under-folder.
Thanks again.
Reminds me of the guy that takes guns up a mountain then shoots them who knows how far into a lake waaaaay away and you can see the bullets hit the water a few seconds after he shoots. Could be anyone down there and he's just popping away
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Yep, shooting water like that is ill advised because it is nearly guaranteed to skip of the water and go in a direction uncontrolled by you. It can be done safely if you know the full backstop behind the water is clear, but that is a questionable assumption if you do not own all the land back there. If you do not have that kind of control over the entire potential backstop then maybe don't do that.

I can say that I have shot water like that, with full control of the entire backstop area behind it (in that case a full privately owned side of a mountain). I can also say I would never post such activity without a giant disclaimer about the safety concerns with the activity. A ton of people assume the bullet stops where the splash happens, but that is really not the case. Be educated people, and make smart decisions.

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