WTS/WTT OR Crate head and B-52 cab guitar amp

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    I've got a used Crate G130C XL head on a B-52 LS-412B cab for sale or hopefully trade. Both are fully functional (I just paid $40 for new, nicer cables from the head to amp to test). The cab is in good shape, the head has seen some heavy use (just cosmetic flaws as far as I can tell). I can throw in a Boss distortion DS1 (nearly new) and a Zoom 506 Bass pedal (old, but lots of fun sounds to try out) for the right deal. I'm thinking roughly $300 in trade value.

    Items I'm after:
    AR parts: Looking for a nice barrel or trigger
    Guns (I'm after a rifle for distance shooting or a smaller piece for concealed carry but am open to all offers. Likely plus cash on my end)
    ammo - .556 or 9mm
    Any other offers really. The girlfriend is raging about how much space it takes up and the noise so I'm motivated.:( IMG_1560.jpg IMG_1561.jpg More pictures upon request
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