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    There is a guy selling some nice gun books on CL for reasonable prices.
    If you need a present for someone, you might want to check these out.
    I saw it on the Portland CL, it's listed under gun books.

    Date: 2012-12-22, 12:12AM PST[?]
    Gun Lovers, I have troves of gun books for sale. These aren't just books most of them are manuals and fully detailed refrence guides. The Prices listed are LESS than the LOWEST advertised price for the book on Amazon by at least 5.00-20.00 bucks so they are all a steal and a money making opportunity. Many are Collectors Editions and Near to Impossibles to find. If your Buying one it's the price listed. Buy a bunch and I'll start cutting deals. I'll trade for Fishing Equiptment or other things a guy might like. I'll trade em all (hard + paper $,000's) for and old drift boat. I like cool stuff lets do Biz.

    Merry Christamas.

    -Hard Cover-
    .45-70' Rifles by Jack Behn..5.00
    Ammuntition by Ian Hogg. . .5.00
    Black Rifle M16 Retrospective by R. Stevens & E. Ezell. . .30.00
    Book of the Springfield. . .60.00
    Civil War Catalog. . .asking $10.00 by Antony Shaw...asking $10.00
    Classic Book of Pistols and Revolvers by W. H. B.; Smith, Joseph E. . ..5.00
    Colt Single Action Illustrated Guide by Dennis Adler . . .asking $20.00
    Combat Handguns by George Nonte. . .10.00
    Complete Guide to Gunsmithing by Charles Chapel (1962 ver). . .20.00
    Do-it-yourself Gunsmithing by Jim Carmichel...10.00
    Firearms Encyclopedia by Outdorr Living. . .5.00
    Glock by Peter Kasler. . .10.00
    Grim reaper by Roger Ford. . .1.00
    Gunsmith Kinks by Bob Brownell. . .10.00
    Gunsmith Kinks II by Bob Brownell . . .10.00
    Gunsmith Kinks IIII by Bob Brownell. . .25.00
    Handgun Stopping Power by E. Marshall & E. Sanow. . .15.00
    History of Browning Firearms by David Miller . . .7.50
    History of Remington Firearms by Roy Marcot (List 29.95). . .7.50
    History of Smith and Wesson by Dean Boorman. . .8.00
    History of Smith and Wesson by Roy Jinks. . . 30.00
    Home Gun Care and Repair by P. Ackley...5.00
    Illustrated Book of Guns by David Miller- asking. . .$15.00
    Illustrated Encyclopedia of Firearms by Ian Hogg. . .10.00
    Illustrated Encylclopedia of Handguns by A.B Zhuk. . .10.00
    Machine Guns by Terry Gander. . .8.00
    Mauser Military Rifles of the World by Robert Ball-(List 49.99) asking. . . $15.00
    Modern Small Arms by Ian Hogg. . .3.00
    NRA Gunsmithing Guide Updated. . ..25.00
    Pistol Smithing by George Nonte. . .5.00
    Pistols a Modern Encyclopedia by Henry Stebbins. . .5.00
    Pistols by Adriano Sala (List 75.00). . .$35.00 "gorgeous book"
    Pistols of the World by Ivan V. Hogg (list 24.95). . .8.00
    Practical Gunsmithing by Edward Matunas. . .30.00
    Revolving Arms by A. Taylerson. . .5.00
    Ruger and His Guns by R.L Wilson (List price 65.00)- asking. . .30.00
    Shooters Bible Small arms Encyclopedia. . .5.00
    Silk and Steel Women at Arms by R.L Wilson (65.00). . .25.00
    Six guns by Keith. . .15.00
    Small Arms 250 of the Worlds Finest Weapons by Chris Chant (list 29.99). . .10.00
    Small Arms of the World (a Basic manual of small arms) 10th Revised Edition (30th Anniversary Editio by Joseph Smith. . .8.00
    Small arms of the world: A basic manual of small arms by Edward Clinton Ezell. . .7.00
    Standard Catalog of Colt by Rick Sapp. . .10.00
    Standard Catalog of Remington Firearms (list 29.99). . .8.00
    Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson by J Supica &R. Nahas. . .20.00
    Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson. . .15.00
    Standard Catalog of Winchester by Joseph M.Cornell. . .10.00
    Textbook of Firearms Investigation, Identification and Evidence Together with the Textbook of Pistols and Revolvers by by J Edgar Hoover. . .25.00
    The Book of Rifles by W.H.B Smith and Joeseph Smith. . .5.00
    The Complete Encyclopedia of Antique Firearms by A Hartnick. . .3.00
    Winchester Book 1 of 1000 by Madis. . .115.00
    Winchster by K.D. Kirkland. . .1.00
    World of Beretta by R.L Wilson (list 65.00). . .$25.00
    Worlds Great Machine Guns from 1860 to the Present Day by Roger Ford. . .2.00


    Accurate Smokeless Powders Loading Guide. . .15.00
    Ak47 Story, The by Edward Clinton Ezell. . .25.00
    Antique Guns: The Collector's Guide (Shooter's Bible) by Steve Carpenteri. . .10.00
    AR-15 Complete Owner's Guide by Walt Kuleck. . .20.00
    Bolt Action Rifles by Frank De Haas. . .10.00
    Bolt Action Rifles Expanded 4th Ed. By F. Hass & Dr. W. Zwoll.. 40.00
    Cartridges of the World: A Complete and Illustrated Reference for Over 1500 Cartridges by Frank C. Barnes. . .15.00
    CO2 Pistols & Rifles by J. E. House. . ..17.00
    Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms. . .12.00
    Gun Digest 2007 by Ken Ramage. . .0.50
    Gun Digest 2008: The World's Greatest Gun Book by Ken Ramage. . .5.00
    Gun Digest Book of 9mm Handguns by Dean A. Grennell...2.00
    Gun Digest Book of Autoloading Pistols by Dean A. Grennell. . .5.00
    Gun Digest Book Of Beretta Pistols by Massad F. Ayoob. . .15.00
    Gun Digest Book of Exploded Handgun Drawings by Harold A. Murtz. . .10.00
    Gun Digest Book of Exploded Long Gun Drawings by Harold A. Murtz. . .8.00
    Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly Part IV - Centerfire Rifles by J. B. Wood
    Gun Digest Book Of Firearms, Fakes And Reproductions by Rick Sapp. . .2.00
    Gun Digest Book of Pistolsmithing by Jack Mitchell. . .8.00
    Gun Digest Book of Ruger Pistols & Revolvers by Patrick Sweeney. . .5.00
    Gun Digest Book of the Glock by Patrick Sweeney. . .3.00
    Gun Trader's Guide - 29th Edition by Stephen D. Carpenteri. . .3.00
    Gunsmithing: Shotguns by Patrick Sweeney. . .30.00
    Handguns 2005 by Ken Ramage. . .1.00
    Home Gunsmithing Digest by-Robert-Steindler. . .2.00
    How to Buy and Sell Used Guns by John E. Traister. . .0.50
    Know Your Walther Pp and Ppk Pistols (Know Your Gun) by E. J. Hoffschmidt. . .30.00
    Machine Guns: 14th Century to Present by Ian V. Hogg. . .5.00
    Modern Beretta Firearms by Gene Gangarosa. . .5.00
    Practical Gunsmithing by American Gunsmith. . .60.00
    Revolver Guide by George C. Nonte Jr. . .3.00
    Rifles of the World by John Walter. . .3.00
    Small Arms Today - 2nd Edition by Edward Clinton Ezell. . .2.00
    Spanish Handguns: The History of Spanish Pistols & Revolvers by Gene, Jr. Gangarosa. . .30.00
    Street Stoppers: The Latest Handgun Stopping Power Street Results by Evan Marshal. . .25.00
    Tactical Small Arms Of The 21st Century: A Complete Guide to Small Arms From Around the World by Charles Q. Cutshaw. . .8.00
    The Gun Digest Book of Assault Weapons by Jack P. Lewis. . .5.00

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