Coyote hunting places in West/East WA

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by kukusya, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Never been strictly hunting in predator/varmint. I shotcoyotes only when I see them in other hunts. And I believe it is time to go try predator/varmint. I be happy if you share some spots or recommend me not to expensive guide for it.
    Thank you all :thumbup:
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    Western WA is hard because there is so much cover and population density. Never had much luck. Eastern WA being more open and the coyotes seeming to be less elusive, I've had better results. Quincy and Waterville areas are where I've mostly tried. Lots of back roads to drive and find canyons to hike to and use a predator call. There is a lot of private land though. Some is marked no hunting, some is marked that by written permission, some is leased to hunting clubs, and some is ok to hunt, but it's mostly flat ground that has been complete removed of brush so they can plant wheat fields.

    I like to go over when it's snowed a little and they're easier to spot. You can make yourself a simple ground blind out of a white sheet.

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