Coyote Hunting Advice?

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by Sun195, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Friends of mine who live over in Ferry County (WA) are having some problems with coyotes on their property. The coyotes are harassing their dog - trying to bait it into coming out into the woods so they can attack it. They'd like to thin out the coyote population and asked if I could help.

    I've never hunted coyotes before, so I'm looking for some advice from folks on here. My intent is not to become a full-fledged coyote hunter, just to help out some friends with their situation.

    They live on 150+ acres with a mix of forest, brush, open fields and a small river running through it. I'm not sure where the coyotes are coming from - I'd guess from the forested area across the river.

    I'll have a big game/small game & other wildlife hunting license, so I've got that base covered.

    What is the firearm requirement for hunting coyotes? The Wa regulations talk about big game requirements, but I didn't see anything about small game requirements - maybe I missed it? (on a side note, I've always understood that you needed soft-point or hollow-point ammo to hunt, but I can't find that anywhere in the regs - where is that located?)

    The firearms I could use for this range from a 30.06 bolt gun (probably too much) to a 30-30 lever (maybe ok) or an AR-15 (seems appropriate - do I need soft/hollow-point ammo?) or 12 ga shotgun or .357 lever or revolver or maybe even a 10mm handgun. I'm leaning toward the AR-15 option, although it doesn't have optics.

    Any recommendation on predator calls? Electronic ones? Should I just get a mouth call? If so, which one? Is the idea to make coyote noises to draw them in, or prey noises (or both)?

    I have a few items of camo clothing, but not much - how important is this? Can I just seclude myself behind a blind of some type? I'm trying to make do with what I have and not make a huge investment.

    Anything else I should be thinking about?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Use the AR-15. You don't need any particular type of bullet from a performance perspective, whatever you use just make sure it's legal in WA. I've used a Primos mouth call with some success. I now have a Foxpro Wildfire 2. It's just easier. A blind or camo is a necessity. Set up where they have to come to your calls downwind. They'll try to circle you and come upwind of they can. Set up on a good open area where you have a good field of fire. If you use an electronic caller, set up about 50 yards to one side of it. The yotes will have all of their attention on the area where the noise is coming from. It's good to be off to the side and out of their line of sight.
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    That's a lot of questions! Coyote Hunting is fun. I'll try to boil down my opinions:

    Firearm: I'm thinking a 338 Lapua or Rem Ultra Mag would be sufficient to get some good bang/flop action. In reality you would use a firearm that you have. 30-06, 30-30, or AR 15 would all be good options. (AR variants are HOT for coyotes because of quick follow up shots). I would however get optics for it.

    Calls: Since you're asking about getting into it, I'd steer you toward electronic calls because it takes the guess work out of it. They would include both predator and prey calls, so you could mix it up.

    Some camo is going to be fine, but you're going to be busted by smell or movement more than camo selection. Make sure you're in a spot where you won't have a dog come and sniff you out.
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    They have always tried to get down wind of me to try to get a sniff of me to figure out if I'm food or danger. They some times start out up wind due to them already coming from that Direction but they want to get down wind for smell. That's been my Experience hunting the yote aka The trickster. Right now the young pups are out on their own for the most part to get food and they I'm not as smart as the parents So they are easier to call in. But don't under estimate the Coyote they are very intelligent animal Not to say that there are not a few stupid ones out there. Anyway that's my two cents. Oh AR is good but if you think they might come in close it Doesn't hurt to have a shotgun right beside you. I'm not sure but I don't think you're allowed to use full metal jacket best check with your dept of hunting and fishing. I use my 243 or AR or 308 or 22mag with hp or v-max or shotgun with bb or buckshot.
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    Don't miss with the first shot.. you'll never see that coyote again in your lifetime if you do.
    Good luck!
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    I have to agree with all the above eccept how important camo is. Animals are color blind and I have alot of them mounted on my wall to prove it. As Grizzly_a stated they are most likely going to wind you or pick up motion so sit still. That is where a blind is great as it hides your movement. I have a small tree farm and I constantly have coyotes walk out and say duu when I am on my deck having coffee. Like I said camo for other than hunting turkeys or looking fashionable is a great sales gimmick so put your money into a blind and an electronic call. have fun and good luck.

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