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Coyote calls

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by ArmedAmish, May 17, 2009.

  1. ArmedAmish

    ArmedAmish Sherwood, OR Member

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    I'm having problems with Coyote's coming for dinner and helping themselves to my chickens. They always seem to come at inopportune times as well...

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience and recommendations for calling them in (when I'm armed)? Are the electronic calls any good? What brand? How about mouth calls?

    On another note, what's the minimum caliber - I've got several AR's, but was wondering if a .17 HMR would be enough. Lot's of neighbors around who would probably not like the bark of the AR so close.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. ron22250

    ron22250 Newberg Member

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    One of the lesser expensive e-calls is Cass Creek. Might pick up their amplified speaker also. This will move the sound away from you. This is the set-up I'm currently using and has been quite effective. Hope this helps !
  3. yotehunter

    yotehunter north west Active Member

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    I have a johnny Stewart electronic call that I use. The .17hmr will work good till about 50 yards or so, possibly farther with a well placed shot. All the coyotes I kill I use a .223 on. I am in Tualatin if you need any help with them.
  4. RallySoob

    RallySoob Salem, OR Active Member

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    ruffy dog mouth calls work good for me
  5. Twodogs

    Twodogs portland Or Active Member

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    I would put out snares first as they most likly dont hang out nearby.
    If calling try chicken or kitten distress and i would use a shotgun cause if they havn't been called before they will come in fast.
    Also spotlight latenight would work better then day time.

  6. varmiter

    varmiter orchards wa. Member

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    I have used the 17 hmr on two dogs myself but would not go past 100 yards and stay with a head shot.As far as mouth calls I really like my coldyote and you can get them online,they look great,sound great and are hand made.
  7. Butcher45

    Butcher45 Eugene Member

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    Probably just extreme luck, but I have called in at least four coyotes in just two stands with the Primos Cat-Nip call. Blew on it for about 20 seconds total in the field so far, and coyotes came-in after a minute or two on both stands!
  8. Yellow Sub

    Yellow Sub Salem, Oregon, United States New Member

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    I have used some cheaper electronic calls but I find that most dogs will come in to the Primos 'hot dog' by Randy Anderson, and the 'cat nip'. Between these two calls, I have called in about a dozen dogs, taking my first one with my 30-30, and the rest with my Remington 870 12 gauge. I load with 2-3/4'' 9 pellet 00 buck and a full choke. The furthest shot was 75 yards but a quick kill.