Cowlitz Game & Anglers Shooting Range

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    Hey all...during my searches for shooting ranges, I ran across links for the shooting range that's being built by Cowlitz Game & Anglers. Info about the shooting range can be found here >>>Cowlitz Game & Anglers

    Basic info about the range:

    Phase 1 to be completed and range open for shooters by Nov 2011.
    12 position 300 yard rifle & black powder range
    12 position 50 yard pistol range
    5 position trap range
    8 position archery range
    Shooting positions are covered, sound absorbing buildings with downrange baffles.
    Current (projected) fees: $70 annual, $7 daily
    Location: Castle Rock, Wa; I-5 exit 52; Toutle Park Road
    NOTE: There are continued plans for expansion

    With all that said, I have a few of questions:

    1. Can anybody provide any info for this shooting range, whether a member of the Cowlitz Game & Anglers group or not?

    2. Does anybody know the progress of the shooting range...ahead of schedule or behind?


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