Cowboy .22lr Combo! Single Six and Henry Leveraction

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by bmw2, Oct 1, 2012.

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    A pair of awesome old school .22lr's. First is an "interesting" Single Six. Gun is very accurate and functions perfectly, however the finish has some unusual wear. There is absolutely no rust but there doesn't appear to be any blue either. Has a very cool patina that was kind of hard to get a good pic of. I don't know the history on this gun so I'm not sure if this was intentional or it just got carried a lot but the grips do look the part too and it has a very old west look. Obviously, this isn't some sort of awesome bonus and it doesn't do anything for the value but I like it. Only has the .22lr cylinder.

    Second is an excellent condition Henry lever action .22lr. Really nice gun and the wood is really nice and it cycles every kind of ammo you can think of.

    Really only want to sell these as a pair, If I happen to have two people interested in one of the other, I'd split them up but only with firm I'll take it's and you might have to wait for someone to want the other.

    Asking $500 for the pair, open to trades. A good offer will also get a full brick of .22lr ammo. Particularly a 4 5/8 or 5 1/2 inch blued .44mag Super Blackhawk with round trigger guard, lever actions in .44mag, .357mag or maybe a beater 30/30 and some cash, Makarovs and accesories(a .22 conversion would be awesome), Suprise me but fire arms only unless you happen to have a running and driving but otherwise rough 73-79 F-250 with a 4spd.

    Can meet as far south as the Marysville area or maybe a little further depending on the day, I'll be heading down to the October WAC show in Puyallup.

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    Still going to the October WAC show in Puyallup? I am thinking of coming up to see these, how do I find you there?

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