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    Personal issues require some cash so I have to let something go.
    1. Smith and Wesson model 19-2, 4 inch .357 magnum. This is one of the older good ones. It is used, with some light muzzle wear and typical marks for a 1965 gun. Overall excellent condition for a gun this age. Lock up and timing are excellent and it has that deep bluing that is not seen any more. I beleive the stocks are off a later gun an they should be the diamond design around the screw. $500 is a steal.


    2.(Sale Pending) Smith and Wesson model 29-4, pre-lock 44 magnum with the 3 inch barrel, non fluted cylinder. Nice little hand cannon. I traded for this one and it had a set of K-frame stocks on it that of course did not fit the N-frame gun. I purchased these from "Executioner" in Colorado for $145. They are elk horn and Patrick Grasshorn does a great job which includes the S&W ensignia. The price is $795 but I will let the gun go with no grips for $650.

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