Couple of R/C Cars

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    I am kinda putting this here to see if there is any interest. I can get some pics and better descriptions if anyone needs em.

    Losi LST2 Race Roller: I am calling this a race roller because it doesn't have any electronics other than a battery. This thing is big and very fast. I have put a full carbon chassis, aluminum hubs and steering knuckles, rear wing, LST fuel tank (to make it race legal) removed the reverse, added the titanium turnbuckes, gears, and shocks, and lightweight chassis braces. I think i have knocked about 5lbs off this sucker. It has the stock .28 motor, wich is a pretty good motor. I prolly have over $1000 into it, without the electronics. i think i also have 2-4 sets of mounted tires. Plus i have all the optional springs, 2 extra front and rear diffs fully built, and i think enough parts to build 2 more, the stock chassis, plus a ton of other extra parts.

    Traxxas Revo 2.5: Pretty much ready to run. Great monster truck. Teckno reciverbox, servo mounts, and wing. Brand new Traxxas 3.3 Engine /w pull starter. Specktrum reciver. removed reverse. Prolly about $500

    Mugen MBX5T: One of the best truggies out there. pretty much box stock other than the prospec shock towers and dynamite throttle linkage. Novarossi .21 buggy motor, screaming fast. I belive it has a jr 2000S throttle server and airtronics high torqe steering server, forget the model number, and an specktrum reciver. also have an Ofna crome top starter box with gel cell battery and charger. $750

    Losi XXXT CR: Full CF chassis, arms, and hinge pins. Titainum turnbuckes. LRP speed control, 2 very fast stock motors and a ton of brushes, prolly close to 30 sets of tires, and 4 brand new matched NiMh battrey packs and 4 practice packs. needs a servo, I swapped the 2000s from the mbx for the steering in this. $350

    I have an Airtronics M8 transmitter with spectrum modual, but for some reason the swich broke so i have to pull the batterys out to turn it off. I also have 3 battery chargers, and tons of parts.

    I dunno if anyone here is interested in this stuff, but its just gathering dust in my shop. I would like to trade for AR-15 lower/upper, Glock 21, or really anything if it tickles my fancey. I will add pics if someone wants.

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