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    I recently purchased a high end knife, a monster called a "Last Chance" made by Fehrman. It came with a really marginal sheath, and I decided to have one made. I contacted John at County Holster & Leather, and got a very reasonable quote. I dropped the knife off, he filled out appropriate paperwork, and his shop, though small, is clean, neat and well organized. I had never seen his work, so it was nice to see examples of holsters, sheaths, belts and cartridge carriers. He said "give me 2 weeks", we shook and 3 days later he contacts me and says it's done. Here are some pics. He used 7-8 grade leather and then topped it off with buffalo hide. It turned out great and will last a number of lifetimes. If you are in the Eugene/Springfield area, I highly recommend John and his work... even outside the area
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