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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Kevatc, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Kevatc

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    First, and foremost: I will be buying a SPRINGFIELD XD or XDm so please keep your comments relevant to that.

    A tiny bit of background: I have a 5" .45 XD that has had a PRP trigger job done and has Truglo TFO's on it. I can shoot that pistol very well. My carry pistol is a XDm 3.9 in .40. For all the hype that Springfiled has put into the XDm's (supposedly better trigger and match barrel) I defintely don't shoot it as well. Perhaps it's the difference in triggers, sights, sight radius, or caliber or most likely me.

    So I have several questions I could use some input on:

    1. Do I try getting a trigger job and some diferent sights on the XDm in hopes that will help me to improve my part of the equation?

    2. Would a XD/XDm in a 4" version in .45 be a reasonable thing to do? Perhaps it's the differences in the sizes of my pistols but I feel the .45 is less snappy in the recoil and may play a part in my abilitites to shoot one pistol better than the other.

  2. MarkAd

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    The XD45 is a bit thick for my hands. The recoil on 45 is more push the a snap like the 40. It sounds like you need to work on your follow through with the gun, but that is just a guess without seeing you shoot
    The 5" is of course a longer sight radius and thus easier to sight and shoot. My opinion: going to a 4 inch 45 you will see the same issues as the radius is only .1 inches longer.
    New sights - only if you have a type you already like and are comfortable with using.
    Trigger job - Not until until are consistent with the trigger on the gun now. Consistency is the key to resolving issues or question about shooting.

    This is all speculation and guessing until I observe your shooting and see if it is you the gun or both.
  3. Rich7944

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    I say it's a carry gun and will never be as accurate as the fullsize. I have the XDm 3.8 bone stock in 9mm and that little guy was super accurate for it's size. I switch to the M&P line because the are more comfortable to shoot and lighter to carry.

    Try the 9mm XDm or even the .45, they both come in 3.8.
  4. iamme

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    5" .45 Xd vs 3.9" xd in 40. You go to a lighter gun, shorter sight radius and a MUCH snappier round. The 45 will be less snappy then 40, it's how they shoot. Try a 9mm Xdm if that's an issue there.
  5. Throckmorton

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    a friend has an XDm in 9mm,he had a trigger job done on it and it's a joy to shoot.I think his is a 4.25. I"m an average shooter and I could do head shots on an IPSC target 1st try,That tells me they can be very very accurate with a good trigger.I's start there.
  6. SonicBlue03

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    You might also want to ask some of the folks here. Rumor has it they're pretty gung-ho about the XD.

    Every time, find a forum that has people that live and breathe the product. Once you filter through the blowhards and the bluster, you end up with gems that are priceless in determining what you want/need.
  7. ATCclears

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    I own the XDm 9mm in both the 4.5" size, and the 3.8" compact size.

    I love the XDm 9mm in the 4.5" size. It's easy to shoot and I can shoot it well. Your mileage may vary though. I took my neighbor (retired LE) to the range with this gun and a Beretta, and he liked this XDm so much he ordered one for himself.

    The XDm 9mm 3.8" compact is harder to shoot for me since it doesn't fit in my hand as well. I can still hit the target but I'm not shooting tight with it. It's a small sacrifice I'm willing to make since this pistol is easier to conceal... especially with the smaller magazine.

    I still want to buy the XDm .45 in 4.5". I shot a rental and liked it. It seemed somewhat "effortless" for me to shoot reasonably well (just like the XDm 9mm in 4.5").

    I have not shot the XDm .40, but I shot a Glock .40 and didn't really like it. If the .40 round is generally more snappy (as mentioned by another poster) then I'd personally go with the .45 ACP configuration.

    For all of my XDm experiences above, I had no problems with the trigger or sights.

    As an aside, Buds Gun Shop Discount Guns for Sale - Buds Gun Shop typically has a good inventory of the XDm pistols. Both the 9mm 4.5" and .45 4.5" are available with night sights - look for TNS in the name, and expect to pay about $100 more for the night sights.

  8. deen_ad

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    I'm not so sure a 9mm is easier to shoot than a .45. Depends on the pistol. I took two of my Kahrs out, a CM9 and a P45. I found that I could shoot the .45 better and it was easier on my hand. The 9 was narrower and shorter (although I did use an extended mag) and the smaller area in my hand made it harder to control and hit my hand harder.

    You would need to shoot each of your choices and see what you can handle easiest/best.

  9. netcarrier

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    Hi kevatc,
    If you live in the Portland, Oregon Area, There is shooting range in Taulatin, North Portland, and Clackamas. Try going to one of the range, Rent a gun and try it out.
    Hope this Helps, Tony Portland, Oregon Area
  10. coop44

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    Had an xd45 tactical and let it get away from me, but got a fnp45 later, the xd was nice but didn't like not having an exposed hammer (personal preference). The XD was a good shooter, reasonably accurate, good combat trigger, I seldom do much trigger work on guns unless they are really bad. Why? Because on most with a hammer/sear engagement what a trigger job does is advance wear. I suppose striker fired guns may be different, or not. For me the secret is PRACTICE, getting used to the trigger as it is, as the trigger parts wear into a better match, the gun will get better.

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