costom loaded ammo for self defence.

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    I've been thinking about what would be the altimate home or street self defence pistol, Something that has decent impact power but not such a canon that ripps your hand off shooting it and at the same time has more rounds than a 6 shooter or the standard 10, 15, or 17 shot automatic. I thought about the keltech pmr30 in 22 magnum, It has a 30 shot clip wich is plenty and 22 magnum will definetly pentrate the scull or rib cage for a heart shot and the 22 caliber has the tendency to bounce around inside the body to cause more damage but what happens when someone comes at you with body armor? You could emty all 30 rounds and if you didn't hit in the armpit or a direct first head shot they would have time to take you out or if they have full body armor your just waisting ammo. I thought about taking some comercial 22 magnum ammo, pulling out the bullet and reloading the cartrige with a longer and heavier 55 grain or heavier .223 or 5.56mm armor peircing bullet to cut through just about any kevlar vest. I know a 22 long rifle has a smaller diamiter than a 22 magnum but isn't a 22 magnum the same as .223 or 5.56mm? If this is so, It would just be a mater of puting the longer bullet deeper into the 22 magnum brass so the overall cartrige lenth is the same as a standard 22 magnum cartrige and by doing this it would kick up the power a little bit because it would make the area holding the powder smaller thereby increasing the presher on firing. Also Im thinking the longer armor peircing round is less blunt tipped and more V shaped than a comercial 22 mag bullet so it would ramp into the chamber smoother and maybe have less chances of jamming durring rapid fire. Im just wondering if it would be enough power to drive the round through body armor? Then theres the drawback of the PMR30 itself. The single action of the gun makes it not as safe because if you wanted to have a round in the chamber ready to fire without having to pull back the slide your walking around with one in the chamber and the internal hamer cocked all the time, The gun does have a safety switch on both sides but the hamer being cocked all the time with one in the chamber just wouldn't feel safe to me. I want something I can put 30 rounds in the clip, chamber one round then uncock the hamer pull out the clip and put one more round back in making it 31 total rounds and the chance of it going off with the hamer de-cocked is is very unlikely. Then theres the rear slide action, it seems kind of flimsy and thin and it seems like there is not all that much keeping that slide from blowing off the back of the gun exspecialy shooting higher powered custom loads. I see where they are making a 5 and 1/2 inch threaded barrol with a scrue on flash suppresor that sticks out about an inch or so past the front of the frame and could perhaps have a recoil supresor adapted to it reducing the light recoil even more making it that much more accurate. I would realy like a 30 round 22 magnum auto made just like a 9mm bereta with a biger grip to hold the 30, 22 magnum rounds with a longer berrol for a recoil supresor. but theres no such a thing that I know of. I'd like to know what others think, thanks.
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    ...and spell check.
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    After a long discussion with a lawyer/gun owner/gun store owner, I had many of the same ammunition related questions. Some research showed me that custom defense ammunition can and will be construed as intent to kill by most district attorneys. I wanted to order 1000 rounds of .45 acp hollow points from a local, small manufacturer. They would be produced to my specs (same as 230 gr., 950+ fps., defense ammo) rather than a large commercial outfit's mass produced defense round and cost half as much. I decided that the potential legal trouble wasn't worth the hassle of carrying that ammo. So I carry commercial ammo and practice/stockpile the other stuff. Any good lawyer will also recommend against carrying your own reloads for the same reasons.
    Doesn't make any sense to me but apparently it does if you are legal smart. As far as I am concerned defense ammo is defense ammo and you shoot until the threat is gone. So take it for what its worth, maybe Ohio is different than Washington, but the legal ramifications are much scarier than any threat I may have to kill.

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