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Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Official Thread


Often times that means fired. Even if it was a voluntary retirement, not repopulating the position was a mistake.

I understand why people would want to defend Trump -- the entire weight of the media is doing its best to blame him personally. The fact is, Trump screwed up AND practically the entire swathe of other politicians screwed up. Of course, what we see is that everyone else's record is being whitewashed when they did no better, often did worse, than Trump and that is despicable. The media should place blame honestly -- but that would mean blaming Trump AND blaming themselves AND blaming their DNC pets.

In the end, I'm pretty damn pissed at the whole shipload of rats, top to bottom, side to side, back to front. They all suck.
This right here! (emphasized)


Stir Crazy after watching YouTube for the last week?

Was it This?

Or then..... the new version of smashing a guitar after a rock concert.

But, on the lighter side.....

Aloha, Mark
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As I said before, their self-centered attitude, spread their social-political self-righteous disease, anti-gun, and the center of the world, revolves around NY; know it all attitude, appears to be the political character of those in NY, NJ, Conn and Mass. Now what we see is that they are transporting the Covid 19 disease to New England and Florida. Gotta love those people from the City of New York, Southern New York State and especially the wealthy in Long Island that violated their governor's direction to stay home. Unfortunately so many of these types moved to Oregon and Washington and began imposing their political and antigun ideas on the natives. Is more infection going to spread on the Eastern Seaboard because they can not shelter in place? Just guessing these boneheads want to shut down gun shop sales where ever they go. Maybe Trump will force them to stay home!


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CoronaVirus Rhapsody, The best that I have seen yet done to Queens Bohemian Rhapsody


Interesting UW projections on USA peak hospital use and deaths based on current social distancing measures.
Yikes. From that data, it looks like the next two weeks will be nightmarish for healthcare. :eek:


Oakanogan Gun Show
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Cerberus Training Group
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