Cops and Guns

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    Hillsboro Oregon. Domestic Dispute between Hillsboro cop and wife. Wife and son get out. Cop has shoot out with Cops 20 rounds fired. One cop hit in hand.

    Las Vegas Nevada. Las Vegas cop shoots wife and son then himself.

    So we the people need better Back Ground Checks and the ones that protect us don't. When it comes to breaking gun laws they are doing a good job.
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    While sad, this is not a new thing. In fact, some studies have shown that the very training to make a police officer might lead one to become abusive in the home...
    Police culture, brotherhood, code of silence: Police officer involved domestic violence | Abuse of power | Diane Wetendorf Inc
    "Some experts say that people become police officers and firefighters because they seek the power and status of the job. Others say that recruits join because they have a desire to help people, but over time they become cynical and corrupted. Both the police and firefighting cultures instill a sense of entitlement to power and authority over the rest of society.

    Police training especially is designed to strip the individual's previous identity and "make" a police officer. The police uniform, badge and gun are universal symbols of power and authority. When the individual puts on the uniform, [personal account] he assumes the authority that goes with it. He expects and commands obedience and respect from the public."
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