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    Check this guy out, He is the type of person that just inspires. Well at least you might like his attitude or his product.

    I just thought a lot of you guys might appreciate what he does. I am not a advertiser, I just like dudes gumption, or get up and go.
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    This is cool


    Scientists developed pretty good 3D-imaging technology a while ago. They’ve also developed cheap 3D-imaging technology. Good and cheap has always been tough, but researchers at MIT have made a breakthrough using old fashioned polarization. The quality isn’t just good either–it’s great.

    To be more specific, the new polarization technique can increase the resolution of any cheap, conventional 3D-imaging device by a factor of 1,000. That not only makes it leaps and bounds better than your grainy old Microsoft Kinect, it makes it better than high-precision and not-at-all portable laser scanners. This advance could be a game changer for the world of computer imaging, and enable anything from a cellphone camera that doubles as a super accurate 3D-scanner to self-driving cars that aren’t phased by snow or rain.
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