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    So I have some things that I dont use often enough, if at all.......

    I have for sale

    A rigid power sawzall In great working order, it is dirty but I rarely use it. I mostly use my cordless for work. 60$

    Alpine star riding boots, size 10. I only used them a few times, they are like new but some stitching has come loose on some felcroe(w?LOL) 70$

    my HJC full folding face helmet. I have used it twice very briefly, It still smells new. It just sits in the bag as I prefer my black helmet. size small. 90$

    Not pictured I also have a very cool compact digital sports camera. It comes with accessories to mount the camera to (in my case) motorcycle tanks or helmets, helicopter instrument panel dash etc. It has a protective case and a usb hook up. I have it packed in a box and will dig it out when i can for more info. It cost 100$ Ill sell it for 60$

    Thanks for looking at my junk.........:D
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