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Well, this is silly.

I've played this game myself - how to fix the Constitution. But it is not serious because it ignores so many problems:

1) No convention is going to produce results YOU think are reasonable. This is an example of the "If I were King" meme. You aren't a king.
2) The Republic, what does that mean? Besides "not a monarchy", it means representative government. So, we elect lowlifes to simultaneously represent the fascists, communists, liberals, conservatives, anarchists and flat earthers in every district. Sort of like going to court and discovering the attorney is representing both sides of the case. Yeah, that'll work.
3) Who is going to be able to grab the cudgel of power? The same old clique that always does. Those that have the lust for it, and who have the resources.
4) The Constitution we have now is 80% ignored. How do you stop that? What sense is there in making a new Constitution?
5) People use government to vote themselves largesse. How do you stop that?

No, the way to go is secession and Panarchy. I'd rather have 50 Americas than one ugly homogenized one.
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