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I was lucky enough to obtain a beautifu collector qualityl original remington model 30 express. The conundrum is to drill and tap it or to trade it off. The problem is two fold 1).my eyesight is poor without an optic 2) the butt on that stock is brutal without cutting the stock and adding a pad. So the conundrum is butcher it or trade ? Thoughts
Take it to a smith have them drill, tap, and put on a nice one piece base. Don’t cheap out on rings or glass. As far as the stock, don’t cut on it. Get a slip on. You can always re-weld the receiver down the road and have it blued, park’d, or Cerakoted.


I would sell off the collectors item and get something else I feel more comfortable modifying. I'd like a SW. 629 classic 6 1/2 inch. But would I buy a mint condition DX with box, papers, target, and a complete set of extra sights, even if I had the money? No. Because first thing I'd do is widen the rear sight notch and whittle down the grip to fit my preferences. A travesty to do to a collectors piece.
Its your rifle , so do as you wish with it.

If it were my rifle....

I wouldn't alter it , if it was in "collector quality".
The Remington model 30 was an excellent rifle and difficult to come by today in any condition.
If the rifle didn't work for me and how I shoot...I'd trade or sell it , not alter it.
The stock could be replaced with one that's already been modified, or is of lesser quality that it wouldn't hurt to be chopped and a buttpad added.
But if the gun's not something you're gonna keep until you pass, it's probably "smarter" to let it go for the most value and buy something else.
Its your rifle , so do as you wish with it.

You purchased it for?

If to enjoy and use. Use it. Use it how you see fit, so you can enjoy its use. Drill it and get a scope on it.

If as an investment, use it as such and sell when it is of greater value than you paid. Likely in its original and unaltered form.

Not a popular opinion at times, but I see ZERO problems cutting up or modifying the most rarest firearms if it brings the owner enjoyment in its use.

Being a collector or investor is one thing, planning on actually using the tool, no matter how fancy, should be used by any means.
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