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    With all the crap happening in CA regarding gun laws. Please make sure that you contact your Washington representatives as well as your US representatives to make known that you won't stand for that kind of gun limitations in our state.

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    Here is a sample of my corrospondance with my rep. which is a Democrat but listed favorably in the NRA rankings.

    Dear Sen. Jim Hargrove,
    I have contacted you recently about Washington's legislative efforts to pass non effective gun control laws like Colorado and now California. I applauded the US Senate for standing up to those rank and file gun banners who have no regard for the law abiding gun owners in America.
    I also know that you have pledged no support to these likeminded politicians in Washington state, but just wanted to touch bases with you to confirm your continued support of our Constitution. I do know that some lawmakers will try and introduce enticements to garner enough votes for passage and hope that you will remain strong to protect all Washatonians gun rights by targeting criminals who use guns in their crimes.

    Thank you and good luck Sir. Jim Sr.
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    I contacted my Representative and my 2 Senators regarding my opposition to gun control legislation. The reply's I received were basically to go pound sand and that they did not give a damn about my views. I will work to try and defeat them in next election. Never will any Democratic candidate receive my vote ever again.

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