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    LOTS of Sheriffs around the country refusing to enforce unconstitutional federal mandates, and I believe THIS is (and has been already) the key to begin driving back Feds who are becoming far too big for their britches. Asserting state rights in conjunction with nullification powers also. Time for ALL of us to organize, to select and elect city, county, and state officials who stand for office to constitutionally serve their constituents ONLY... NOT the federal government overstepping their powers. Already in Oregon, Coos, Curry, Linn, and Crook County Sheriffs refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun laws from the fed. Many Sheriffs have threatened ARREST of federal agents coming into their counties trying to enforce unconstitutional federal laws.
    Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Unconstitutional Executive Orders in Arizona County - YouTube
    Even to Arms: Sheriffs Refuse Gun Laws! - YouTube
    THE LATEST NEWS : Oregon Sheriff refuses to comply with executive orders - YouTube
    Sheriff Mack: Constitutional Sheriffs Refusing to Infringe on Gun Rights IS the Solution - YouTube
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    It amazes me that this administration picks & chooses which laws they want to enforce and how they get a bug up their azz when others do it to. I say screw this administrations disdain for the law abiding gun owners!!!
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    We aren't alone in knowing what is right, wrong and identifying Tyranny.

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    People forget, not all cops are screwed up. I have my issues with them like everyone else (stop the high speed car chases guys!) but it's a job I wouldn't want to do. Don't forget plenty of them support the 2nd Amendment and we need them on our side.
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