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    A Facebook group has created a webpage opposing 594.

    I'm in there early, so will do what I can to make a couple of the posts quick references for validated arguments against 594.

    I feel that the only way we will win this is legally; we will lose the gun-control debate in this state, I fear we always will. But by dismantling the law and ripping it apart technically and legally we might be able to get it thrown out.

    I'm not trying to take traffic away from here; this site is about all things guns; the one I'm linking to is opposing 594 specifically.

    The two topics I have going are:

    Need to register there to post, but if you would like to add anything for us to research, or can validate anything, go ahead and post here and I'll be assimilating the threads myself.
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    if you want to plan attacks on 594, talk with the SAF or the NRA.

    don't discuss in public and tip your hand to the gun grabbers. the california pro-gun groups learned this the hard way.
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