Used to like listening to Michael Savage's Savage Nation but can't find him on the radio anymore. I enjoy his story-telling and rants as well as jaunts into the weeds with food and nutrition.

Once in a while I will listen to Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis as he occasionally has some interesting topics I don't hear of anywhere else on radio. He's in the evening though, not during the day.

During the day I bounce around a lot between KXL and the many AM stations for market analysis, money management, sports and talk radio, latter being - Herman Cain, Limbaugh and Hannity. Oh, used to include Ed Shultz in that bounce just to see how the lunatics were doing but he seems to have dropped off and I haven't looked very hard to see where he went, haha!
I listen to Rush and Lars nearly everyday. Jason Lewis gets under my skin though....I just don't know what to think of him, he seems like he enjoys hearing his voice a lot.
I used to listen to Rush all the time. But not so much anymore, not really in the right office environment.

I really like Mark Levin, but don't' get to listen very much.

Shawn Hannity, while I like what he says, to me, it is a tad whiney. Not sure if it is his voice or presentation.

I used to listen to Savage before he went national, but then he said a bunch of things that made very little sense, attacked a lot of people that got his show going and poof, gone. He had his good days and his bad days, and finally I just could not take some of the crap he was spewing, so I walked away from his show.

On the west side here I occasionally listen to Laura Ingram and the local hosts.
I find Laura interesting because she has a very different approach to her program, that what I am used to with the others.

Occasionally I listen to Lars and Medved, but its been a while.

I need to get the radio in my car fixed... but then again...maybe not...
Whine..., can't we discuss philosophy instead?

/Whine. I keep 2 stations marked on my radio, 1120, which provides Rush, Lars & Ben Gleck... Back to Lars, National, I only listen to Alex Jones, there, if I am to far to get to the radio in time to turn it off.... And about half the time it is the same feeling for Ben Gleck...

I really dislike sarcasm, so Rush gets turned off, often, but not as much as Glenn Beck. Listening to GB right now, getting ready to shut him off....

Over all the folks I have listened to.... Lars Larson seems to be the winner... I miss it when I miss him. I like the folks that call him and say "98% of the time" I agree with you... That fits me to a T, but then, I hear the person, and agree with Lars !!!!!

Alex Jones has a voice meant for Silent Movies.... (Any Lars listeners will get that variation...) Plus, his (must be) High Blood Pressure is catching over the Air Waves!!!! So he really is not in my listening pleasures....

In the BoonDocks, celebrating my Seventh Year, with zero TV in the house.....
My father and I own our own business so as journey men we're both usually listening to talk radio while going from appointment to appointment or if we can in some situations on the job.
I make it a point to listen to Rush every weekday (unless otherwise off air) and Ill even listen to his fill-ins. They've all got great material.

In part I enjoy rush because the liberals HATE him and he (every now and then) taunts them.
While conservative radio does have a crap ton of on air ads.. The martial most days is worth the listen.

Has anyone noticed that every conservative station has a token liberal portion?
For example 102.3 (for about 3 months was the FM 1190) had mark and dave (puke) and now they've got that 3:00 filler guy.. Which never has a bad thing to say about a liberal..
@ 3 I just turn the station.

If ever I need to get pissed off and psyched up for weight training or something that requires adrenalin I "try" to listen to liberal (bubblegum) radio.. So far I can last about 5 seconds before the utter stupidity and hypocrisy forces me to turn it off.. And thats just when its on a commercial. :)
I really enjoy Rush when he's on vacation and they have Mark Steyn on. Steyn has authored a few books as well on the politics of the changing demographics we are experiencing and what to expect. Rush, although correct 95% of the time is getting a bit stale. We need fresh voices in radio that can attract a younger audience. Hannity, Rush and my favorite of the bunch Savage mostly preach to the choir and don't change any minds I'm afraid.
I won't listen much to zionist neo cons like Medved, Levin or Savage but Rush Limbaugh and Lars Larson aren't too bad. Dave Ramsey is fun because he just sticks it to the twerps :s0112:

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