So I was considering hooking my phone (droid X) up to my computer via blue tooth, seems like it may be a simple way to transfer info between the two, has anyone else done it, and if so is it useful or just pretty much pointless?
To each his own I guess. Me personally though, I find the faster connection more important than saving the weight of a 12 inch USB cable.

It's not the weight, it's just another thing to put in my pocket.
I carry my phone, keys, money, wallet, gun, spare mag, and usually a pack of tictacs in my pockets. If I'm going to start carrying a cord i'll need to sew on another pocket.

It's just not worth carrying around a cable on the off chance i'm going to transfer something, just so it'd save me fraction of a second per mb.

Plugging my netbook directly into the modem would make my internet connection faster as well, but you wont catch me carrying around an ethernet cable. Wifi suits me just fine.
I actually use SwiFTP on my droid and it just gets on the wifi network, I then just connect to it from my computer and manage my files that way, it works great. Too bad it doesn't have the wireless tether option (mines not rooted yet) like they promised.
I imagine bluetooth would be similar, myself, I don't have bluetooth on my computer, so I wouldn't know about that, but wifi with ftp works great.

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