won't happen, as anythign with GOVT the minute you give them power oversomthing they'll never let it go or the tax revenue from it (unconsitutional btw) ..... its important to not further give our rights away

With the Senate Bill still stuck in the Senate Committee on Finance (who's got majority on that committee.. no friends of 2A :rolleyes:)

And then there's the House committees.. which House Committee would this House bill fall under? Remember the last session. House Democrats successfully passed their AWB bill but the Senate killed it. If this passes House, it would have to go to Senate, right...? And with that Senate bill already there to just remove SBRs and SBS from the NFA and still being DOA because of who's on the Senate Commitee on Finance; it's just as likely to be DOA from the House side.
Pretty sure I'm more likely to win the lottery while actively getting stuck by lightning than this bill is to be signed into law. I wish it weren't so, but... reality sucks.
The Armed Scholar makes that same point in the video. This is probably just a moot point since there is no chance of it passing the senate and being signed by the current administration.

Nothing was done when all three branches were controlled by supposedly 2A friendly party... why would that change.

The older I get the more I understand my Dad's distrust of the government.

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