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    The Oregon House approved a bill today to remove concealed weapons records from the public record.

    House Bill 2787, carried on the floor by Rep. Kim Thatcher, R-Keizer, was approved 42 to 18. The bill had bipartisan support with Rep. Jeff Barker, D-Aloha, and Rep. Brad Witt, D-Clatskanie, on board.

    Thatcher argued that there was no reason to open concealed gun permits to public scrutiny when public records laws exist to shine a light on government, not citizens. A similar bill is pending in the Senate.

    The House bill was at the request of the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association. Media outlets oppose the proposal.

    The 18 nays came from 17 Democrats and 1 Republican. The House is tied 30-30.
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    This is a good start. Hope it makes it.
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    Those no good, dirty rotten gun grabbers are at it again. What part of "shall not be infringed" don't these people get. If we continue to allow these folks to legislate the rights away from good, wholesome, salt of the earth folks the only people left with firearms will be the criminals! Those nazi, socialist, libtard wolf in sheeple's clothing democrats are out to........ Wait,.........what? That's not..........huh?
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    From Statesman Journal:

    "An Oregon Senate Committee is set to consider legislation to prohibit government agencies from disclosing the names of people with permits to carry concealed weapons.

    The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to review the legislation on Thursday.
    The bill is sponsored by Republican Sen. Doug Whitsett of Klamath Falls. It stems from a dispute between the Medford Mail Tribune and the Jackson County Sheriff after the newspaper filed a public records request for the database of people who have applied to carry concealed weapons.

    The state Court of Appeals has ruled that the database is a public record subject to disclosure."
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    There was an "article" in the Oregonian today on C-6 in the editorials: "Concealing Gun Records"

    What a crock!!

    One of the reasons for having the records open is: "The real problem will be for ordinary citizens who want to check up on how well their local law enforcement bureaucrats are doing their jobs." Now how does revealing a CWP holders name and address help that? All they need to know is how many applications were made and how many licenses granted.

    The other reason stated was that the school districts need a way to find out if teachers were illegally carrying on school property!! Now, there are far better ways to find that out than looking for a teachers name in the CWP database!!

    In Canada the lists of gun owners were obtained by criminals and used to break into the listed homes.

    A listing of CWP owners will be more useful to criminals than anyone else. However if they do allow the list to be open to all then we can hope that the criminals attempt a break in while someone is home and the criminals don't come out alive!!

    The wording of the "story" is very derogatory also!!

    In fact it's pretty much yellow journalism at it's finest!!

    8 former US Presidents have been NRA Members
    80 MILLION gun owners didn't shoot anyone today, a few criminals did!


    The "Feedback Score" is low by 4, not everyone posts it I guess.

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    Why / Which Media Oulets are opposed?

  7. jvbutter

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    exactly, why is there any reason at all to make "CHL" public documents... if the law needs them, so be it. what common citizen needs this info. Other than a grocery list for shopping spree... or robbery
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    Ok Guys you have said your piece, but have you contacted your representative and also called your friends to have them contact their reps. The time is now! call... e-mail now! Get on Oregon Firearms Federations web site to get updates. Last I heard its time to contact the Senate President Peter Courtney and Senate Judiciary COmmittee Chair Floyd Prozanski. Below is from the OFF website. Please join, I am just a member. (in my opinion they are better than the NRA they don't send me its time to reup every 2 weeks) Its not that hard Just do it! Go! Now! They are getting alot of support for this bill. If nothing else at least it will piss them off because they are being bothered by so many people and who doen't want to piss off a politician.:thumbup:

    From the OFF website:

    "Right now, there are two people who need to hear from you if you believe that sensitive information about CHL holders should not be available to reporters, anti-gun groups and junk mailers. Those two are Senate President Peter Courtney and Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Floyd Prozanski.

    The Senate has a CHL privacy bill they could hear if they chose to, and the House has already passed one which now moves to the Senate. Either bill will do what needs to be done to protect gun owners.

    Please contact both Senator Courtney and Senator Prozanski and let them know you want a vote on CHL privacy. Your input really does matter.

    Contact info and a sample message follow:

    Dear Senator,

    I cannot understand why some Senate Democrats are determined to undermine the privacy of the most law abiding Oregonians, concealed handgun license holders. I urge you to ignore the hysterics of your most militant members and pass a bill protecting gun owners' sensitive, personal information.

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    I will write that letter, this has to pass!!
  10. pokerace

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    The other reason stated was that the school districts need a way to find out if teachers were illegally carrying on school property!! Now, there are far better ways to find that out than looking for a teachers name in the CWP database!!

    If you have a ccw it is NOT illegal to carry on school property. In Or.
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    Both my Legislative and Senatorial representative have already heard from me on this issue. Luckily in Crook County the Sheriff's office was way out in front on this issue.
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    Knowing someone had a CWP would not be an indication as to whether or not someone is carrying. It would in violation of the 4th Amendmant for any public employee to search someone based only on the knowledge that they had a CWP.

    I guess it is a moot point since it is legal to carry concealed in a school with CHP
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    I wasn't too worried about it getting through the house. The senate might be tricky. I hope it passes.

    Not sure exactly which media outlets want the records (other than the Medford Mail Tribune who sued to get them), but they seem to get their jollies from "outing" gun owners. I'll be glad when these socialist newsprint dinosaurs go belly up.


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    Wouldn't the "news organization " that posted the names of ccw holders be open to liability if a tweaker were to use that info and decide to rob a home when the homeowner was there ? It seems that the paper or whatever would be creating an attractive nuisance by advertising where weapons could be found , and if anyone were hurt during the commission of a crime sparked by access to that information would be liable for any damages incurred by either party . At least in a perfect world it seems that this would be the case but I'm sure that they would dodge any culpability .
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    The Salem paper; The Statesman Urinal, has wanted your name, address, and everything else on your CHL for some time now. They support the Mail Tribune's pursuit of your privacy. Bastards.
  16. pchewn

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    What other government information is "public"?

    Can you get a list of every driver's license, with names, addresses?
    Can you get a list of all the medical marijuanna cards with names, addresses?
    Can you get a copy of everyone's tax returns?

    My guess is : No, of course not. This is PRIVATE information.

    So why give out the CHL info?

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