Concealed Carry holster for Ruger P-95

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Jvandyke13, Jul 21, 2012.

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    I'm sure this has been asked in the past, but for anyone who has a Ruger P-95 or a similar sized large frame 9mm what kind of holster do you use for concealment? Doesn't matter if its pancake/in the waist or whatever... just trying to get an idea of what others use and whats best...
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    I don't have a P95 but I just picked up a Max Tuck from White Hat Holsters. I've worn several other holsters and have to say this is my favorite, extremely comfortable, conceals very well.
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    I sweat too much for any type of leather so all Kydex for me. So far I've tried IWB PJ Holsters PJ Holster LLC | Simple, Practical, Affordable Holsters. Comp-Tac Infidel Inside Waistband Holsters - products new home - The Infidel Holster and just arrived this afternoon X-Concealment G.2. IWB X-Concealment Holster; Holsters, Gun holster, pistol holsters, Mag pouch, Magazine pouch, Kydex Holster, Concealment Holster, Glock holsters, Pmag pouch, and Tactical Gear
    As far as the best they all have strength and weakness.
    PJ Holster makes a very close fitting holster. With the open clip option it is very easy on and off and still stays secure. Takes some practice getting a solid grip because it holds the pistol deep IWB but the forward cant helps. Comfortably worn all day during all activities, sitting, walking, running, biking, driving, napping. With the clip mount on the outer side of the pistol it makes it a little wide and will print a little with a tighter shirt. $45 shipped and to my door in less than a week.
    Infidel is a bit bigger all around than the PJ and holds the gun not as deep IWB. It has a HUGE sight channel for any size sights. All other features are close to the PJ but at a price close to $70 new. Bought mine used.
    X-Concealment G.2. IWB is a totally different design than the other two. Uses belt loop mounts forward and aft so no added width to the gun and holster. Holds the gun much higher and this helps get a better grip quicker but could jab some people in the ribs more. Does not have as much forward cant as the other two. Very high quality holster but it is over $80 with full sweat guard and shipping now that the 25% sale ended Tuesday. Ordered Tuesday morning and it showed up today.
    All these holsters have adjustable tension, protect the trigger and do a great job at keeping the gun secure along with a quality gun belt.
    Good luck and stay safe,

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