Concealable Body Armor- Level IIIA, Medium Regular

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    This is a Galls level IIIA concealable vest. It's a medium regular with two straps per side and one on each shoulder. Each strap is adjustable on both the front and the rear panels. The panels themselves are suspended inside the carrier using velcro so that you can adjust how the panels ride.

    These panels are made by PACA. The carrier itself is a little worn on one of the bottom inside corners, I believe on the front, but it doesn't affect usability. As you can see in the pictures, this carrier will accept oversized trauma plates. Inside that trauma plate pocket is a smaller one for a standard trauma plate. The vest was manufactured in July of 2008.

    So I just had this posted for $240. I'm lowering my price to $200 after doing some math on how much my wife's birthday present is going to cost me (it's her 30th, gotta do something a little nicer). The only reason I'm posting the price drop as a new thread is becaus I am on a bit of a timeline, so I hope I don't piss anyone off.

    $200 and it's yours.


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