Conceal Carry at California with OR CHL

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by pr787lv, Feb 15, 2009.

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    No. I am neither saying, nor implying one can carry concealed or that I intend to carry south the border. But if H.R 197 ever becomes a reality (or should I say “when”?), I wonder what it will be like for me or for anyone in the NW. That is, anyone meeting the federal criteria for recirprocity.

    With so many types of restrictions, and reciprocity forced down Kali's throat, I wonder:
    1. how different will it be for off-state carriers vs. locals,
    2. what kind of pea shooter they would let me carry.

    Anyone cares to speculate?

    Sorry, I don't know who to make it smaller.:dunno: But, ain't it cool? Those of you who own businesses and wish to post this poster, you have permission from the originator.

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