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    I haven't seen anyone post this yet, maybe I missed it:

    Comrade Brown is at it again, along with her small platoon of Bolshevik shills. Comrade Brown is a god-awful speaker, listen to how unenthusiastic she really sounds...

    Take note in the background of the dude with the Remington hat, has anyone else noticed they always seem to have a token "gun owner?"

    As I've said in the past, there can be no negotiation with the disarmament-oriented Communists/Bolsheviks. Allow them one victory, they will become emboldened to take even more action. The onslaught of "muh common sense" will never end until there are no civilian arms in the state and we're all ripe for the pickin'. Call me crazy, but I think these people want us enslaved in a Soviet-style police state, at least at the upper-management levels and above.

    As for Shannon Watts, the demon, well... nothing says speaking from the heart like reading a piece of paper. I laughed pretty hard when she said "3.5 million members [in MDA]," look at their Facebook page... not even 500,000 likes, let alone "members." The NRA has almost 5,000,000 on just one page. GoA has 1,200,000.

    Jokes aside, we must take these beasts seriously and not play nice. I refuse to associate with any person who supports them. Playing nice and "debating" got us to this point, continuing to do so will only make matters worse. Call them on their BS publicly, every chance you get.
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    Three years after Sandy Hook, what have we learned?

    Today is the third anniversary of a horrible tragedy that took 26 innocent lives in Connecticut, and in the years since, what have we learned as a nation where firearms ownership is not only protected by the constitution, but is also an important part of the national fabric?

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    "I haven't seen anyone post this yet, maybe I missed it:"

    I can understand why nobody would want to post up that crap:rolleyes:

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