Compound Bow value?

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    I'm not an archery guy. I know almost nothing about bows, except they look cool, and every TV hunter is obsessed with them.

    My wife used to be into archery, and actually used to archery hunt. She bought a bow about 7 years ago - and it disappeared not long after. The bow was returned about six or eight months ago - and has been sitting in our closet ever since. Wife is thinking of selling, but we're not sure what it's worth.

    It's a Diamond by Bow Tech brand, not sure on model name/number. No identifiers on it anywhere that I can see. It has a whisker biscuit and 3 pin fiber optic sights, and the whole bow has a real tree factory camo print. Draw weight, I would estimate in the 60+ lb area, maybe even 70. It's a ***** for my non-archery shooting self to draw all the way. I do bleeve it has string silencers (at least that's what I was told the rubber star-looking devices are on the strings)

    Wife thinks she paid around $600 when she bought it. She said she bought it from Sportman's Warehouse, not that that means jack for it's value.
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    Be aware that it is recommended to change the bowstring every year. Could be dangerous after all this time!

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