Completed My OFA Defensive Handgun I Course

Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by 4Freedom, Sep 28, 2009.

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    I've been really busy and wanted to write about this earlier, but last week I successfully completed my Defensive Handgun I course at the Oregon Firearms Academy in Brownsville, Oregon. I graduated with the OFA gold grade :thumbup::thumbup:, meaning all my rounds hit the area of the target that was considered accetable/lethal without risking hitting innocent bystanders. Well, I am not going to toot my horn, I have more than a lot of work cut out for me on improving my skills.

    Anyhow, I am posting this to thank all the wonderful, friendly, insightful and helpful teachers at OFA. I just recently moved to Bend from Portland area and was overworked, tired and not in the mood to do firearm training that day. I spent two days in Brownsville at a motel and my car blew up and had to be towed back to Bend the next day.

    On this note, despite the hardships and how tired I was, I really enjoyed my course at the OFA and did really well. I was amazed, because I thought I would be both too exhausted to do well and that I would not have interest. The teachers and atmosphere really made it quite an experience. Despite my hardships, I felt kind of at home at the place and was not feeling to overwhelmed by the course material. The attention the teachers showed me and the friendliness of my peers in the course made it easy for me to concentrate and get involved in the course.

    I will say before I took the course that I thought I would leave feeling like I wasted my time, but it was quite the opposite. I really enjoyed the course and walked away feeling like I possessed many more skills with my handgun then I ever had before. The drawing, trigger pull, control and other techniques I learned from the course are still embedded in my brain. I know I will have to do lot of practicing and I am looking forward to taking Defensive Handgun II when I get the time and money.

    Anyone who wants to spend a good day acquiring handgun knowledge, and who lives in Pac Northwest, I think would benefit greatly from this course.

    I want to thank Dan and the other guys a lot.

    I give OFA an A+ rating.
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    Sorry to hear about your "Road Trip from ****", and I hope that you got your car fixed OK. I was in the same DFH1 class, and it was all I expected and more. Fine facility and great instructors. I'll be enrolling in more of their training; they know how to do it right. A+ from me too.

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