Complete Wii and Playstation 2 Slim

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    Both units are in like new condition. Purchased about 8 months ago. Still have box, user manuals etc for both items.

    -SOLD- Wii has everything you need to start playing as it came from the factory plus more. Two nun-chucks, two remotes, two steering wheels, Verge gun, and a few additional accessories ie internet cable (its wireless right now), remote and nun chuck skin covers still new in packing, etc. Games include Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex, Mario Kart,Wii Sports (Bowling, Boxing, Tennis, Golf), Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Mario Super Sluggers. $200 Cash. -SOLD-

    PS2 Slim (black) has everything you need to start playing. Two remotes one wireless, 16 MB Memory Card. Games include The Sims, Hitman Contracts, NFL 2K3, Battle Racing Ignited Burnout Dominator, NBA Live 06, Rock Band with Complete Bundled Instrument Set (Drums, Wireless Guitar/Bass, Microphone), and Rock Band Country Trak Pack. $125 Cash.

    As mentioned above these units are in Like New Condition. You will not be disappointed. :thumbup:

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