Complete reloading outfit sell or trade for guns/ammo

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by Gunner3456, Jun 7, 2009.

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    I have a complete reloading outfit I would like to sell outright or trade.

    I will not separate anything from the package, sorry. All or nothing.

    The prices listed are there only to show how I arrived at the value.

    I have:

    A good used Lee Pro 1000 progressive press
    all set up for .223 including dies, primer feeder, shell
    feeder, powder measure etc. $150

    Link to Lee's description of the press

    I have .38 Special/357 magnum, 9mm, .40 S&W, 45 ACP
    carbide dies with shell holders for all, either new or very
    nice in original red boxes 4x $40 = $160

    I have the entire Shell Plate Carrier NIB for small pistol. This comes complete with Shell Plate, Auto Prime, Case Ejector, Auto-Index, and primer feeder. This is the quick convert from .223 to small pistol primers and cases. $55

    I have a brand new in box RCBS case lube pad and lube $20

    I have a brand new in box Lee Safety powder scale. $35

    I have 3 x 1# (3 pounds) new and unopened Hodgden
    H335 Powder $70

    I have a new unopened 8# jug of Accurate 2460 powder $145

    BOTH of the above powders are excellent for .223 and other small
    rifle. They are ball powders and feed through a measure very well.

    I have a very good Frankford Arsenal Kinetic bullet puller $20

    I have 2,000 CCI small rifle and another 2,000 CCI small pistol
    primers for a total of 4,000 primers, new in box. $140

    I have one pound of Hodgden HP38 pistol powder $25

    Total cash sales price - will sell for this, cash.
    $820 OBO

    Note. I'm taking a loss on some of this - paid shipping on all of it, and hazmat fees for the powder I already have. I found none of this locally.

    OR, I WTT FOR, +/- CASH:

    Kel-Tec PF-9 hand gun
    Kahr PM9 hand gun
    Good quality semi-auto .22 LR hand gun. Sub compact or target - or one of each?
    up to 1,000 rounds good quality 9mm Luger ammo.
    up to 5,000 rounds m/l of quality 22 LR plinking ammo. I don't need hollow points or mini-mag types - I have plenty of that.
    Up to 100 rounds Remington 130 gr. pointed soft point, .270. (or similar psp 130 gr.)
    Up to 200 rounds .38 Special 158 gr. JHP.
    A good scope and/or mount for my Del-Ton flat top AR-15.
    A good bipod for my AR-15.
    (I have lots of mags, ammo, sling etc. for the AR - need nothing else.)

    I will drive half way to meet you in Oregon for trade, or for outright buyer, you can pay $50 shipping including hazmat fees. Washington buyers, you pay $50 shipping including hazmat fees to buy.

    Hit me. What do you have?
  2. Gunner3456

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    Off market. Decided to keep.
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