WTS/WTT OR Complete Essex NOS 1911 frame - Bright Stainless Target Grips and a Crazy nice trigger

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    I just decided to focus on building one 1911 to end all others. I bought this described as new, but he had been running a slide over it giving it some scratches. I also worked a slide on it, the one shown in the photo, but never fired it. I planned on making a target .22 but ultimately decided I don't like shooting .22, and would rather invest in an AR pistol (kind of schizophrenic decisions on my part) so offering it up here.
    • It has a VERY light (maybe 2 lbs) and crisp trigger that a smith did for me.
    • I also disengaged the grip safety as well (safeties do not belong on a target gun in my opinion) but I left most of it so that the safety could easily be reengaged by a dab of weld and a file.
    • RoCo grips - $115 from Brownells
    • All top notch parts (Wilson, 10-8, etc)
    • Hours spent polishing to near mirror finish
    • Contacting surfaces polished inside and out
    • Very nice, tight part fit. One of the better I have seen.
    • Trigger is in better condition than when pic taken - matches gun now
    This is not a gun for children or people who shake.

    Only caveats is that, as a new frame, the feed ramp is not polished or machined to the projectile you chose (I was using a 22 kit that did not use it). Also, I just added the ejector because it looked wrong without one (also a part not used by my .22 upper) but it is not fit to the gun . It will work to eject shells but it is not well fit.

    Asking $450 OBO, which is not a lot considering the grips and smith cost me over $200 and I paid $200 for the stripped frame. I will consider trades of pistol length AR uppers, but very interested .223/5.56/wylde and 9mm. Thanks, JR IMG_0016.JPG IMG_0013.JPG IMG_0012.JPG


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