Complete Cerakoted Glock 43 Frames $200 each

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    Battleworn White, OD Green, and of course Glock Grey. 100% factory bits, although Ghost Connectors, springs, Magazine +2 extensions (shown below) are all availables as well as Cruxords Magazine +4 extensions and Aluminium Magazine Releases.

    Want a different color? Not a problem! This price includes the frame, locking block, lower parts kit with factory trigger and the Cerakote color of your choice.

    (This model's trigger is getting a coat of paint, in case you keenly noticed it is absent.)
    EOS Rebel T62018_10_080537.JPG
    EOS Rebel T62018_10_080536.JPG
    EOS Rebel T62018_10_080538.JPG
    EOS Rebel T62018_10_080539_2.JPG
    EOS Rebel T62018_10_080535.JPG
    EOS Rebel T62018_10_080534.JPG
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