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Complete Archery Hunting/3D Target/Fletching Setup (Mathews Legacy) $500

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Item Classifieds' started by JasonMc, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. JasonMc

    JasonMc WA New Member

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    Sold on another forum.. Thanks!

    Just after I started getting into archery years ago, I had a bad motorcycle crash that messed up my left shoulder. The bones healed, but the joint itself never did and isn't going to without some fairly major surgery, so it's time to let go of my archery dreams and hopefully generate some funds for my daughter a nice position rifle in the process. When I put the words "complete setup" for 3D archery, hunting and fletching in the title, I meant it. I bought all of this stuff new for around $1500 and now I just want to sell it all as one lot for $500 and let someone who knows archery gear better and has the time make some profit. I only got to shoot at an indoor range a few times and a couple 3D shoots at Machias with this gear. I never even got to hunt with it before I hurt my shoulder. Everything in the pictures is included. Click on each picture to see a much larger version of it.

    Mathews Legacy, 60-70lb draw weight, 28.5" draw length, Trophy Ridge Matrix sight (with dampers), Muzzle Zero Effect drop-away rest, Soft Loc 5-arrow quiver, No Peep, Stabilizer (Doinker comes to mind, but it's covered in camo and I don't remember). It's an all-around ultra smooth and quiet setup.

    Packages, videos, and manuals for the bow, sight, rest, and No Peep, as well as the quiver (taken off the bow for this picture) and extra Whisker Biscuit and GKF TM Hunter rests, and Cobra Brite Eye sight.

    Size Muzzy broadheads with extra blades with case, nine Slick Trick broadheads still in package, and broadhead sharpener that I never even got to use.

    Ton of fletching parts and tools, as well as setup equipment for the bow (Allen wrenches, square, extra dampers that I replaced with heavier ones), arrow lube.

    Like new Bitzenberger fletcher in original box.

    Neet brand target quiver with bow hanger, arrow puller and arrow lube tube, Truball Short-N-Sweet Release (awesome!), some other release (don't remember), and armguard.

    Arrow case with a total of 11 Blackhawk Vapor arrows spined for the bow, with 9 of them fletched and ready to go. The broadhead case above fits into this arrow case. The parts and equipment to fletch the other two arrows, and repair/replace parts on them all are included in the fletching kit above.

    Padded case made specifically to fit the Legacy bow by Mathews. It was a $100+ present from my wife that got delivered too late for me to use it. I don't remember if it's even been outside my house since I took it out of the box new.

    As I said above, I want to sell everything in the pictures here for $500. It's all in nearly new condition, of course. I think I even have one of those cube-shaped archery targets in the garage to add to the package if the buyer wants it.

    Please email me at jason(at)themccurrys.com or call/text me at 425-737-2229 between 10:00am and 8:00pm for more info.
  2. JasonMc

    JasonMc WA New Member

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    Bumping to add that I found the target that will go with this package for the price above. It's a white cube target that says "The 4x4 Broadhead and Field Point Archery Cube Target" on top of it. It's still in great condition for same reason that all the rest of this stuff is. Feel free to make offers. I'd also listen to trades (+/- cash) that involve any of these:
    • Anschutz 54.18 MSR Rifle (or other Anschutz repeater with 5018 or 5022 trigger)
    • Glock 34
    • Hornady Lock-N-Load AP reloading press
    • Celestron Regal 65 F-ED spotting scope
    • Sightron SII Big Sky 6-24x44 SIL rifle scope
    • Possibly an AR15, but I haven't even really decided what configuration I want so it would have to be a really good trade for that.
    • Lever action rifle in 30-30 with a 24" or longer barrel
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