Competition Shooting near White Salmon?

Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by morroad8, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. morroad8

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    Hello everyone! Well...I got the gun shooting bug. Soo much that I reload my own ammo for every caliber I have, and even 9mm wich i dont (but will get one soon because I cant just sit around looking at 500 rounds haha). Anyways, I was just wondering if there is anywhere near White Salmon that have shooting competitions and what kind of firearms would they use. Currently I have a Browning Model 22 pistol, S&W Performance Center Model 629 44 Mag, and my carry LCP.

    I seem to be pretty good shooting all of them, especially my 44 Mag; but I also love my Browning 0.o. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!
  2. wichaka

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    I work in WS, and am in town now. Drop me a PM and let's get together.

    There's nothing formal here, but there's an IDPA group in The Dalles, then I travel with some people and hit the circuit in the Portland area and up in Yakima.

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