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    So I bought this gun to shoot SSP in IDPA since I usually shot ESP and wanted to see how it feels with some extra slack. Problem is, I hate it. I don�t like how the glock platform (don�t ask me why, I added new sights, extended mag release and slide release, and did a trigger job) but still don�t like it.

    Maybe I�m just not a glock guy. I love my XDms and my 1911s. So anyway, this is up for sale/trade. My trade interests only include M&P Pro in 9mm and good 1911s (plus/minus cash as needed). Please no rifles and not shotguns.

    Here�s what I have
    Glock 17 Gen 3 (less than 200 down pipe) with 4 mags
    Also installed:
    Truglo fiber optic sights (red on green)
    Extended mag release
    Extended slide release
    3.5# trigger job

    Let me know what you have (according to the guidelines above). Cash price would be $800 (exactly what I paid for additions and gun smith).
    Email me for pictures if you need any.

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