Compact VS Sub-Compact Glock

Compact VS Sub-Compact

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Joe Link

To me, the G19, which is the compact, is the perfect carry piece. It's small enough to conceal well but it's large enough that most people can get a proper grip on it and the longer barrel and/or site radius (not sure which) makes it easier for me to shoot accurately. What caliber are you thinking of getting?
Think the sub-compact is a waste of time for the most part.

The 19/23 is just a tad bigger; if you can conceal the 26/27, you can most likely conceal the 19/23.

You'll hardly ever shoot the sub-compact guns; most people don't seem to. I never did.

You can carry the compact guns and also have a great time shooting them. Makes the G19 the best thing out there.
I carry a 19. I have pretty small hands for being a 6 ft tall fat bubblegum. ( med glove ) I just could not get the smaller gun in a comfortable grip. Even with the extension it just felt funny. I also didn't like shooting it.

I carry all the time, in the house, out of the house. The only time I am not is when i am actually at work. Other than that the gun is part of my normal clothing.

I am using a desantis cozy partner now, it is second hand. I had used a safariland IWB for a couple of months. The partner is much more comfy. It has a lsight cant so that the muzzle points back just a touch and you can sit stand run and it stays put.
I say got to the range and shoot both of them.

Am I the only one who hates anything smaller than full size? Even for carry?

Smaller the better for carry IMO.
Not for me, I've got big hands. Not fat, but tall guy European hands. Hence my preference in fullsize pistols.

Still though, subcompact isn't my thing, not only because I cannot get a proper grip on it and my finger can't hold even the magwell extension, but it feels flimsy and backheavy. I prefer compact in this situation, as it feels like a pistol and not a heavy, yet too small L shaped piece of metal.

For concealed I'd prefer nothing less than a 4" barrel, Wilson or Kimber 1911. I prefer the 5", most definitely the 5". But I would absolutely not hesitate to purchase the 4" in the heatbeat.
Otherwise I'm sticking with my fullsize H&K.

Whats every bodies opinion of the Compact vs the sub compact. I am trying to decide which to get. Is there any thing that really makes one better then the other. Thanks
Did my feedback help?
I'm considering a S&W 1026 or 1076 FBI in 10MM Auto for carry.

I'd like to refinish it flat black with some type of metallic hazardous environment coating, like on the H&Ks if I end up purchasing one.


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Cerberus Training Group - Skill Builder - Pistol/Rifle Combo
Cerberus Training Group
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