Commercial 5 Ton AC Unit for sale or trade...

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    I have for sale or trade a Tempstar Smart Comfort 2200 Commercial 5 Ton AC Unit. It is in excellent shape, don't let the pictures fool you. It sits outside in a real shady area, hence the moss and such. We have it installed on our 5000+ sq. ft. building in Sherwood, OR. and it cools like a champ. It has hardly been used in the last two years and was installed around 2003/04.

    I will require that you have it proffesionally removed due to the freon issue and I don't want anyone to get hurt.

    I am open to cash offers in the $1500 range(I paid $4500 new + installation) so please be reasonable, however I would prefer trades for firearms(please no antiques). Please send me clear pictures and descriptions and we can chat...

    Items I most want:

    Tactical shotguns
    or some combo of the above close to what it is worth.

    Thanks for your time...
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