COMLETE reloading outfit with primers, powder, bullets, cases, you name it.

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    Will not separate. For trade only.

    I'm in S. Oregon and you'd need to be willing to come and look at what I have. I won't ship due to primers and powder, etc. anyway.

    If you want to get into reloading, here it is, complete. Most of it is brand new.

    The complete Lee Classic Turret 4 hole press as a kit with both primer feeders, powder measure, powder scale etc.

    LOTS of Lee die sets. Probably has what you need.

    At least 10,000 primers, all new in cases, all but one is CCI. Most are small pistol and small rifle, but at least one case of 1,000 each is large pistol and large rifle.

    At least 15 pounds of unopened powder. 8lbs of small rifle powder for 22.250, 223/5.56, .243 etc. 4 pounds pistol powder (Bullseye, I think) and maybe 4 pounds of larger rifle powder.

    Case length trimmer lathe. Forstner? Brand new.

    Lots of the hand tools like primer pocket swager, etc. etc.

    New vibrating tumbler with lots of walnut shell.

    1,000 NATO once fired 5.56 brass WITH 1,000 55 gr psp hunting bullets.

    At least 1,500 Speer 9mm 124 gr hollow point bullets. May have enough brass for that.

    LOTS MORE brass and bullets of various sizes.


    Come and help me dig it all out and inventory it. You will be amazed. I will trade at the "old prices" if you will do the same with your trades.


    Trades wanted, and I can add or accept cash difference:

    Factory built AR-15
    Factory built AR-10
    Very good bolt rifle in .308
    Very good glass and mounts for an AR.
    Good quality AK-74 with ammo. (No Ak-47's please.)
    Remington 1100 goose/duck shotgun. Prefer the older ones in great shape.
    Marlin 60 .22 rifle.

    Not really interested in anything else, thanks.

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