COMBAT VETS: thoughts on Las Vegas shooting?

Discussion in 'Firearm-Related News' started by RVNvet, Oct 9, 2017.

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    The Lindberg Baby story would hardly raise an eyebrow these days...

    We've gone way beyond.... Few, if any may not remember the Lubby's Cafe massacre, the McDonald's massacres,
    or the Chowchilla Bus event.

    Analogy; some scare tissue leaves a person more sensitive, some less...
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    It is a very personal thing off course. I never served with 18 year old green kids or for extended periods in the field. We had 2 years of school with very motivated people before getting close to anything. Then we delt with pilots and other professional military personnel mostly (although our most common mission by far was in civilian rescue) so, my experiance is very different than some young reticent guy that had 90 days training doing a 6 month deployment. I found the relationships with my 101st airborne Ranger son to his group very interesting. The Combat infantry badge and ranger patch made him a bit of an Adonis. Even higher ranking people got quiet and listened. As we get some age and rank in the military, most of us are more involved with training younger troops. That also changes attitudes and prospective. You are no longer just a weapon to be used when nessisary but have some control over how and why things are done. If I hadn’t stayd around long enough to gain some rank and credibility, my experiance would have been very different
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    After I wrote that comment, I had second thoughts and deleted it because it might be misunderstood. I didn't mean "greatest" in the sense of the best, wonderful, or enjoyable, but the most intense I have experienced. When I came home, I told my wife that I understood why some might turn to drugs in an attempt to recapture that high or to dull the craving for it.
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    I've tried to start this thread several times. It's just not happening.
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    That was my experience with being shot at. I wanted it to be over with and it seemed like it lasted forever. I wasn’t sure if I should run or just stay put. At first I wasn’t sure who or how many. Like I said before it wasn’t in combat. The life of living in Chi-raq. The thing that sucked the most was not having the ability to fight back. One of the reasons why I always carry!

    I am very careful with where I go and always make sure I have my exit plotted out. One thing that I always have an issue with is when people try and downplay that there is no reason to have more than 6 rounds or 10 rounds or whatever stupid, ridiculous, uneducated, and dumb idea of what number of rounds you will need.

    “Most shootouts that the average person will ever get into less than 8 rounds were fired.” Really?! You are serious about that statement? I won’t do the whole what if thing but let’s just look at some shootings that took place and then let’s just ask ourselves if the people involved felt like 7 or 8 rounds would be enough to stop the bad guys.

    And that’s just recent years. If the bad guys have that many rounds they can fire at you then why would you except limiting yourself? That also doesn’t show the number of times where multiple people are attacking and or shooting at one person. Anyone that thinks that a group of thugs will only have one person that attacks is lying to themselves. There is a reason why it’s called mob mentality! And a mob doesn’t have to be hundreds or thousands of people.

    Anyway do what you want but I will make sure that I have myself and family covered.
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    I have not been in actual combat in a military setting, but I have been in several life and death situations where either I acted successfully, or I, or someone else, died. In auto racing there were fires and crashes, and life threatening injuries and deaths. (Like extinguishing the flames engulfing a good friend and getting him to treatment.) As a marina owner on a large lake in the midwest, I faced much the same types of emergency situations, injuries and deaths, and sometimes deadly weather. (I remember tending to, and then just holding a teenage girl in my arms who had just had her foot destroyed by an outboard prop as we waited for the life flight helicopter.) I have found that for me that stress produces a clearer head, faster thinking, and a feeling of competence instead of what might have been paralyzing fear. So yes, I was "good" in those situations, but it was not enjoyable at the time. I think I get it, Andy.
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    I never had the opportunity to serve in a combat role when I was in the Army. There were several times that we were locked down and ready to go but never got shipped out.

    At that moment you are mad because it is what you were trained to do. You wanted to go and stand next to your brothers and serve your country. But most of all I fealt the need to be there so that the guy next to you could possibly make it home to his loved ones. I can look back at it now and be happy that I never had to endure the things that my brothers in arms had to.

    For those of you that got the call. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for selflessly laying it all on the line for your country.
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    I am sure there will be more than a few of those folks that suffer some form of PTSD. After all, they didn't even have the advantage of going through boot camp before enduring this trauma. No preparation at all.
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    LOL, that's not quite as uplifting as the song that was suggested to me: "Stayin' Alive" (Bee Gees)

    Edit: (Oops, I see etrain16 mentioned the same thing. That's what I get when I don't read the entire thread before posting.)
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