Colt's Wiley Clapp LW Commander Review

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    Recently I had the opportunity to spend a dayattherange with possibly one of the best carry 1911's on the market. Colt's Wiley Clapp Light Weight Commander Talo Exclusive. Upon original examination I realized three things. One it is an aesthetically pleasing pistol, two Colt's original 1950's design was spot on and three, I now understood why this pistol carries the moniker "Everything you need, with nothing you don't."
    Colt Wiley Clapp LW Commander Features
    •Series '70 style action with no firing pin safety and improved trigger pull
    •Alloy receiver for a light pistol that carries easy
    •Original style small safety, slide lock and magazine catch, no extensions
    •Front & rear slide serrations
    •Long black trigger, flat S&A mainspring housing
    •Colt's new beavertail grip safety for comfort in long shooting sessions
    •Special Novak sights – extra-wide notch and bead front for any-light shooting
    •Tactical Oval grips with forward taper and fingerprint checkering
    •Pete Single 25 lpi checkering on the pistol's front-strap
    •Special factory serial number run
    Examining the feature list this pistol has all the features I need in a carry 1911. Every feature was about light weight carry with a few customizations. For example the slide has front and rear serrations.
    Full Review 21st Century Commander Review
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