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New in box never shot Colt Ultra Light rifle in 300WM.I have factory scope rings,instructions.Here are 2 pictures of the rifle.Buyer pays shipping to there FFl.Will do FTF in SW Oregon.Price is $850.00 US Postal Money Order.

Remington 458 LH + Ammo
Buyer pays shipping to there FFl.Will do FTF in SW Oregon.US Postal Money Order.
Price is $1400.00

Remington 458 Win Mag LH rifle
This is a left handed action. The barrel is 24 ' long
Williams rearsite
Pacmeyer lo-swing scope mount that flips the scope out of the way to use iron sites
Bushnell Banner Lite-Site scope
Great trigger

Ammo goes with the rifle
Federal Premium Safari
510 Grn softpoint 2 full boxes 20rnds per box

Winchester 458
510 Grn softpoint 2 full boxes 20rnds per box
1 box with 17 shot 3 loaded

Remington 458
510 Grn softpoint 1 full box 20rnds per box
1 box 16 shot 3 loaded

60 more empty cartridges Fed,Win,Rem

View attachment 196249
View attachment 196250

View attachment 196251

View attachment 196252

View attachment 196253

View attachment 196254

View attachment 196255

View attachment 196256

View attachment 196257

If you have question or want better pictures let me know.

Scott Hannah
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