Colt series 80 1911 a1

I found a colt at the local shop,just a plane Jane 1911.Parkerized,a few blemishes,but pretty smooth action and trigger.

Are there any bad things about a series 80? I mean it's cheaper than a new Citadel
The price is $600 Seems like a good price for a Colt or a nice 1911.
Apparently it's from the '80s.

there is nothing wrong with a series 80. they have three basic downsides.

1. the plunger spring and linkage makes getting a reliable trigger pull below 3lbs very difficult. not a big deal on a range or defensive gun where a 4 or 5lb trigger makes more sense, but you won't shoot the bianchi cup with it.

2. 1911's with the series 80 or schwartz fps have a section of guide rail missing on the left side. again, not a big deal. some people make a big deal of it because they think it makes the rail weak. i guess on a high mileage gun it could become an issue. but by the time it does, you'll have spent $12-$15000 in ammo and small parts to keep the gun working. at that point, a frame becomes a wear part anyways.

3. the extra parts add a bit of complexity when detail stripping. once again, not a big deal. once you know about the parts and how to deal with them, it's a non-issue. even with the extra parts, a detail strip on a s&w revolver or a ruger mkiii is still more difficult.

in the end, i think the positives outweigh the negatives. colt makes a damn fine pistol, and at $600, i think it's a good buy.
Although I don't care for any firing pin safety system, the Colt Series 80 is far more robust and less prone to timing issues than the Kimber Swartz style. Colt had the Swartz style back in the late 30's, but abandoned the system when WW II broke out, as it was too fragile for combat that should be a clue to all.

A trigger job on a Series 80 can be brought down to 3.5lbs very easily (which is lower than I would recommend for street use) and can be just as crisp as any trigger on non firing pin safety guns.

I've seen many a hi-mileage Series 80 guns, and there's no rail problem with them.

For 600.00, it sounds like a good deal, as long as someone hasn't messed with the internals, and everything is running as it should.
you dont need a Match gun to shoot well, Nor do you need to pay such prices.ive owned 5 colts from series 70 to 80, they are great weapons.the weapons they used in ww2 were the same we use now,maybe you can get a better trigger or sights, but it still falls on the shooter to get the job done.with all the 1911 manufacturers out there, its ALL PERSONAL PREFERENCE.
the citadal isn't bad, but i picked the amercian classic II for my 2nd 45accp. I liked the finish more then the citidal that i was looking for at the time.
My ACII was a bit less too. More money for reloading.


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