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    Fired my new, New Agent .45 at the range for the first time today. Fired 106 rounds, 36 Remington 230 grain round nose FMJ. Then 70 of my 185 grain roundnose FMJ reloads. It takes a little time to get used to the trench sight. It shot low, or I should say I shot low until I figured it out. As far as right to left the gun is dead on. Many of my handguns wander left or right, but that wasn't a problem with this Colt. With the trench sight I really had trouble at 10 yards or more. At 7 yards I could get 5-6 inch groups more or less, but at 10 yards I never missed the paper, but accuracy suffered. I think with 3 dot sights that would change.
    Mechanically the gun functioned perfectly. I did not take much notice of the trigger. Maybe that is good because I did not have any complaints.

    I bought two cheap magazines at Cabelas, Triple K brand. They are stainless and fed 100%. But often after the last shot the slide did not stay back, and this happened only with these magazines. I tested that several times. These mags are long enough to stick out of the grip like they should hold one more round, but they only hold 7. So these are range magazines only, but they work great for that.

    I haven't shot a .45 for a while. I forgot how much recoil they have. After about 20 rounds I was getting used to the power. The last .45 I shot was my FNH .45 and that is a much heavier weapon. I might think about buying a wrap around rubber grip like they put on the Colt Defender 1911. Might take some of the shock away from my 61 year old hands.

    I like this Colt and I believe I can carry it with confidence.

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