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    While researching on a few gun auction sites what some of dad's guns were worth, I was stunned to see what my Kodiak is apparently worth. 20 years ago dad mentioned that someday he would like to have a 45 auto like he carried in the war. I mentioned to my neighbor that I wanted to get him one so he took me to a gun show at the armory in Tigard. I bought a new Colt 45 for him and my neighbor pointed at a Colt Kodiak on the same table and joking said I should get that also. The idea of having a .44 magnum seemed like a good idea so I bought it. That same year on our yearly bird hunting trip at my sister's in eastern OR, I took it with me. I fired 6 rounds and dad fired 6 more. We both decided that was enough punishment and that was the last time I ever shot it. So, it has a total of 12 rounds fired in it. I can't see ever shooting it again so if I can get close to what I see these going for, would rather have the money than the pistol. Is in flawless condition and am going to ask $2800 for it. No trades please.



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    PM sent.
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