Colt King Cobra blue 4"

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    Rare blue 4" King Cobra with two sets of grips both made by Colt, one the dress grips and the second the firing range grips. These revolvers have been discontinued for some time and highlight Colt at some of its finest from the 1990's. Comes with the case and owner's manual althought the case is not original to the gun. It is chambered in the .357 Magnum cartridge as well as being designed for the 38 Special regular and +P and +P+. The pistol is 98% but has some freckling in front of the Colt stallion; otherwise, in excellent condition with tight lockup and a sweet trigger and is a pretty gun. $900. cash FTF in Wa. with observance of concealed carry permit and license; +$50. shipped to OR. FFL. One of the dress grips is cracked from the top to the medallion.



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