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Colt gunsmith around Puget Sound.

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by Tinman357, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Tinman357

    Tinman357 Puget Sound Member

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    Any reccommendations? Starting out with a basic 3rd gen DS like new when I got it. Carried it long enough and fired enough that I want to improve a few things.

    Install new 3in barrel
    Cyl gap @ .003
    Adjust poi/poa @ 20yds
    Muzzel crown to 11 degrees
    Recut forcing cone
    Ream throats. (suggestions?)
    Chamfer chambers.
    Adjust timing
    Dehorn hammer
    Dehorn channel for ejector rod.
    Durable finish. (suggestions? )
    Lighten trigger
    Dove tail in a tritum front sight (suggestions ?)

    Any other suggestions based on your experiance? Yep, I know it's going to be expensive. This is a retirement gift to myself for 27 years of service. I earned it. I plan to leave it to my daughter when I shuffle off this mortal coil. Unfortunately, thats going to be sooner than I'd like it to be.

    That, and while I'm not overly picky as a rule, I do want this one "right". I want dead on at 20yds. If not, it goes back. Uneven crown or raggedy chamfer, back it goes. I'll pay for a professional job, but I want to get that pro's best work.

    Bill Laughridge at Cylinder & Slide is my choice right now but I'd like a local smith that I can sit down with and work out the details over a strong coffee.

    Anybody like that around here? :)
  2. Tinman357

    Tinman357 Puget Sound Member

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    Got 1 PM so far. Thanks.. :thumbup: I'll check him out soon. In the meantime...

    I spoke to a locally well known smith in Tacoma. This guy tells me that nobody can adjust POA/POI in a fixed sight pistol. Nobody. Told me it's just the luck of the draw if it hits where it's aiming. and I quote... "Alls any smith can do is just screw the barrel in and that's where it's at. Hope for the best" :huh:

    Needless to say, I didn't leave my Colt with him. Politely thanked him for his time and the advice. :rofl1::rofl1: :noway:

    I really want to find a local smith I can trust to do a good job. I did call Colt and of course they can do it. If I spend $75.00 to send it to them they'll get back to me in a month or two and tell me what it's going to cost.

    Really? Have they never done this before and need to see the gun to tell what its going to cost? I didn't think what I wanted was all that unique. Am I expecting too much? Just common improvements that I assumed they do rather routinely. I know every gun is different but I did tell them that the gun is factory original and like new. Only fired 12 rds through it so far.....

    Any help to offer guy's? Any?? :peace:
  3. Jammer Six

    Jammer Six North Greenlake, Seattle New Member

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    Avoid Dave Helton.